Founding Spirit & Vision

As a Core English Education School, IGSE Produces English Education Experts

Producing 50 outstanding English education specialists every year with its world-famous professional curricula,
International Graduate School of English (IGSE) validates
the founder’s distinguished contribution to the improvement of Korea’s English education

Professional Curricula, Excellent English Education Specialists, Korea's Advanced English Education

Hyeokjae Educational Foundation

The CEO of Hyundae Yong-o-sa, Yoon Kyoon, established a non-profit foundation, Hyeokjae Educational Foundation, and got the approval from
the Ministry of Education on the ninth of July, 2001. The aim of the establishment is to return the profit the CEO made from his English education business to Korean society.

International Graduate School of English (IGSE)

To realize the aim, Hyeokjae Educational Foundation established the International Graduate School of English (IGSE) with the establishment approval from the Ministry of Education, which is based on Article 30, the Higher Education Act 2002. With the two MA degree departments: the department of English Language Teaching (ELT) and the department of ELT Materials Development (EMD), IGSE produces English education specialists, who have the highest level of English proficiency, comprehensive knowledge of theories in English language teaching and learning, up-to-date practical teaching skills, and are ready to become leaders of English education in Korea.
Based on its research outcomes and accumulated experience in ELT field, IGSE will expand its contribution and role in the English education field through national and international cooperation with English education organizations.

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