IGSE ELT Workshop in Hawaii

2012.02.16조회수 2700

IGSE had the ELT workshop in Hawaii and IGSE students and Seoul National University students participated and instructors were the well-known professors from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The courses were as below.

When : January 16~February 14, 2012
Where : Hawaii, the U.S.

<Courses and instructors>
 - Language Program Administration as a Career Option 
                                                      (Dr.Robert Gibson)
 - Motivating Foreign Language Learners 
Richard W. Schmidt)

 - Attention and Awareness in Language Classrooms 
                                               (Dr.Richard W. Schmidt)

 - Extensive Reading: Helping Students to Become EFL Readers 
Richard Day)

 - Reader Theater (1)

 - Using Picture Storybooks(2)
 - Fluency in Foreign Language Instruction (3)

                                                          (Dr.Richard Day)

 - Sociolinguistics & Language Teaching

                                                       (Dr.Sandra McKay)    

  - Developing Interaction Competence for EFL Learners

                                                      (Dr.Hahn Thi Nguyen)

 - Using Computer Tools for the Study of Language Forms in Context

                                                      (Dr.Hahn Thi Nguyen)            

 - Developing a Philosophy of Language Teaching

                                                     (Dr.Graham Crookes)

 - Meta-analysis

                    (Dr.Lourdes Ortega)


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