IGSEans’ presentations at 13th Asia TEFL International Conference

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IGSEans’ presentations at 13th Asia TEFL International Conference

Our current students and a graduate gave thirteen presentations at the 13th Asia TEFL Conference, the number of which is the largest among Korean universities participated in the conference.

The international conference was held at Nanjing, China from 6th to 8th November. The titles of their presentations were as below.

The Effectiveness of Shared Reading on Vocabulary Learning of Unmotivated Slow Learners
김은희(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

Curriculum Design Using Authentic Videos: a Step Closer
김미정(13th Wave EMD, paper presentation)

Study on the Effects of Guessing Strategy with Dictionary Use on Vocabulary Retention 
김장숙(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

Importance of Native Teachers’ Cultural Awareness about Confucian-heritage-based Learners: Why and When do East Asian Learners Feel More Anxiety? 
윤새롬(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

The Effect of Metacognitive Instruction in Listening Competence for EFL Young Learners
김영옥(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

Action Research: The Role of Emotion and Drama in Language Acquisition
그레이스 주연 리(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)
Comparative Study on Phrasal Verbs Usage for High School English Textbooks in Korea and Graded Readers
노세은(13th Wave EMD, poster presentation)

Implementing Flipped Classroom for English Class to Develop 21st Century Skills
김정나(13th Wave ELT, poster presentation)

The Effectiveness of Specially Designed Classrooms for English Learning in Korean Primary school
김보연(13th Wave ELT, Poster presentation)

The Process of Change to Students’ Anxiety, Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulation Throughout Genre-based Writing Instruction
한지원(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

Codified Korean English in Secondary School Textbooks: Levels of Awareness by Writers, Teachers and Learners
서정아(12th Wave EMD, paper presentation)

Comparison of the Effects of Teaching Isolated FFI and Integrated FFI on Specific Grammatical Items to Middle School First Graders
김희영(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)

A Communication Course for Cosmetology Students in Korea
고은지(13th Wave ELT, paper presentation)



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